The British Traditional Shotokan Karate Association was established in 2005 by two clubs in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, with a following of 115 students and 24+ years of experience , the associations main club is based in Barnwell School.

The club/association Chief Instructor is Sensei Paul Sambridge, 5th Dan (Godan)

Fellow club/association instructors  
Sensei S. Ashby 5th Dan and Sensei S. Clarkson, 4th Dan  
All three Sensei's are fully qualified and registered with F.E.K.O. (Federation of English Karate Organisation) and F.E.K.O.

           B.T.S.K. has access to F.M.A. (Federation of Martial Arts), this is for  insurance to all non Shotokan karate martial arts               

Also associated to K.I.E  (Karate In England), a group of associations working towards a common goal for the unification of Karate  

The B.T.S.K.  places a lot of emphasis on etiquette, respect, character and truth, these are good foundations for life.

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